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  • HID12-240V
  • HID12-277V
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  • PMP4-120V-D
  • PMP4-120V-Q
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  • PMP6-120V
  • PMP6-240V
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  • PMP8-240V-D


Top 10 Reasons to Automate Your Grow Facility Now

Producing today's designer strains requires the best tools available. Don't get stuck in the past. See the top reasons you should automate now!


When you think about automation, think about completing mundane tasks on autopilot. Think about the ability to scale your operations to any size, without worrying about logistical challenges – you can access and configure everything from your phone. Automating your facility can help put you miles ahead of your competitors by lowering costs. With GrowCentral, you can automate in minutes, not months.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should get started with GrowCentral Automation today:

1. Reduce labor costs. Save potentially thousands of man hours per year by automating key functions.

2. Work remotely. In this day and age of social distancing, a lot of work that would normally require someone to be there, can be done remotely or from home.

3. Increase efficiency. Get things done faster and with less effort. Upload batch programs and routines to multiple rooms and facilities all at once, with the click of a button.

4. More free time. A lot of people feel chained to the facility, but GrowCentral Automation allows you to break free. Just pull out your phone, no matter where you are, or what time it is, to check or modify room settings.

5. Avoid the 3AM drive. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and wondered, "Did I forget to turn off the water?" Just login and check. Then go back to sleep. In fact, with GrowCentral, maybe you can take the whole day off.

6. Return on investment. GrowCentral Automation is affordable to deploy. You don't need to spend a fortune to automate your facility, and the payback period is very short - usually just a few months, or less. Get organized access to all of your facilities and rooms at an affordable cost.

7. Automated safeguards. Save your high-value crops from loss with alerts that protect you against equipment failure and other unexpected events. There is no cheaper insurance policy to protect your valuable plants.

8. Precise regulation of your rooms. Get better and more consistent results. You can’t always be there in-person. But with GrowCentral, you are never more than a click away from accessing all of your rooms. Dial those settings in at midnight from the comfort of your bed, and keep those plants in perfect form.

9. Data analysis. Access to historical data for analysis means a better understanding of what makes a perfect crop. Sometimes, you just hit that special crop – the perfect yield. How do you duplicate it? Look back at your VPD, irrigation, and lighting, and duplicate those parameters.

10. Instant gratification. GrowCentral Automation Controllers are fast and easy to install. Spend just a couple minutes setting up each controller, then start reaping the benefits immediately!

Bonus Reason!

11. Take a vacation! Now you can. Just bring GrowCentral along with you and keep an eye on everything.

Lower your overall stress level, increase your efficiency, and improve your yields. Why wouldn't you get started with GrowCentral Automation?

So what do you do now? Simple, just try it out. Pick a controller that meets your needs and buy it! We are confident you'll be so impressed, you'll soon be back for more. We make it easy to start small and scale up.

CLICK HERE to shop solutions now.


System Overview: How it All Works

GrowCentral Automation Controllers connect to your WiFi network with the push of a button. The app then allows you instant control of everything.

Pain reduction is our goal.  That’s why we make it easier than ever to install.  We know your reluctance to switch over to a new system.  It can be risky, and you dread the installation and setup process.  And what about the learning curve?  Some systems are really difficult to learn and operate reliably.  You ask yourself, "Is it really worth it?"  Well, in this case, the answer is a resounding YES!

Get up-and-running with GrowCentral Automation Controllers in just three easy steps:

     1. Install the controller in the desired location.
     2. Pair the controller to your WiFi network with the push of a button.
     3. Scan the QR code on the controller to add it to your GrowCentral account.

With GrowCentral Automation Controllers, we have eliminated all the headaches.  We've worked extra hard behind the scenes to engineer a system that gives you powerful tools, while also being super-simple to install and operate.  GrowCentral allows you to automate in just minutes, not months!

It's that easy!  Seriously!  In just a few minutes, you’ll be setup and controlling everything.  And from just one app, you can control your entire operation  -  no matter how big or small.  Add as many controllers as you need  -  they are all organized by Facility and Room  -  making it super-easy to navigate your entire operation.  Quickly and easily access all of your Facilites and Rooms, no matter where they are  -  even if they are in different time zones!

Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Imagine never being more than a click away from your garden, ever again. Take vacations, work from home more often, and reclaim your free time. Once you try GrowCentral, you will never want to go back.

Here's what you do now:  select an area you'd like to automate, and purchase a controller.  We're so confident you'll love it, we know you'll soon be back for more.  In no time at all, you'll be automating your entire operation, and controlling everything from the comfort of your easy chair.

CLICK HERE and let's get started!



GrowCentral Automation Controllers Are Used By Some of the Best Growers in the World

Seeing is believing!

Some of the largest and best growers in the world use GrowCentral to streamline their operations, reduce labor costs, and provide employees with remote access to critical functions 24/7. Our customers include public companies and private ones, ranging from just a few rooms, to multi-billion dollar operations spanning multiple states.

No matter the size of your grow operation, professional cultivators know they need a platform that is secure, reliable, and always available. With greater than 99.99% uptime, GrowCentral meets the needs of any company looking to increase profitability through the use of automation technology. And in this day and age, it can make a big difference when you have employees who work remotely.

So why not join the crowd? Learn the secrets to lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency by taking control of your grow. It's a lot easier than you may think. And the benefits are well worth it.

All you have to do now is select an area you'd like to automate, and purchase a controller. Don't worry, you can start small. Once you try it and learn the power of the GrowCentral system, we know you'll soon be back for more!

So, CLICK HERE and let's do this!



Made in the U.S.A.

GrowCentral is technology you can trust. Created by industry veterans, and expertly crafted in America.

Experience makes a big difference.

And few have more than we do. Our roots in the hydroponics industry run deep, and our years of hardware and software design run even deeper. Our founders are the engineers that created Powerbox, and they’ve also been growers since the late 80’s. We’ve seen it all, and experienced the entire evolution of this industry before our very eyes. Decades of experience and a commitment to the highest quality are what make GrowCentral a solution you can rely on.

Made by skilled craftsmen.

GrowCentral isn’t a product made in some far-flung overseas factory, by sweatshop workers, who have no clue what they are building, and for whom they are building it. GrowCentral controllers are crafted right here in America, in small precise batches, with extreme quality control. Each system is built-to-order, just for you, to exacting specifications. We use the best components available, regardless of the cost. With everything that's at stake, why would you trust anything else?

Are GrowCentral Automation Controllers expensive?

You may be wondering to yourself, 'How much do GrowCentral controllers cost?' Considering the savings they provide, a lot less than you might think. Custom automation systems start in the 5-figures, and quickly climb into 6-digits when you start adding more features. This is not an exaggeration. If you've priced them out, you already know. If you haven't, feel free to call any automation solutions provider and tell them you want a system that gives you reliable remote access to control and program your lighting, your irrigation, and your climate, for all of your facilities and all of your rooms, from anywhere you are at. Get ready to make a down payment of $100K to get started. And you’ll be paying for a bunch of guys by the hour to design and install a system with a bunch of off-the-shelf components that gives you limited flexibility.

Not with GrowCentral. Not only can you accomplish all of these things for a small fraction of the price, you can also install it yourself and have it all running FAST!

Here’s what you do now.

CLICK HERE to browse automation solutions. Find an area you would like to automate, identify a controller, and add it to your Cart. Try one out. We are sure you will be back for more. It’s so easy-to-use, and affordable, it’s a can’t lose.


At Growcentral, We’re in the Solutions Business

Our goal is to provide elite growers with tools that help reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve yields.

GrowCentral was born out of the need to create something bigger; something better; something that didn’t exist, but that was sorely needed. As growers, we recognized a big hole in the industry. There are countless options for controllers on the market. Some are ok, some are complete trash. But all of them are really a patchwork of incompatible devices that are designed to solve individual, specific problems. None of them work together in an ecosystem where they can all ‘talk to each other.'

But an even bigger problem was, even if you can find decent controllers, and even if they can provide remote access and control, how do you organize dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of controllers into an easy-to-manage system? What do you do when you have a lot of different physical locations, each with dozens of individual rooms to manage? How do you get alerts for specific rooms? How do you keep track of everything efficiently? There were a lot of shortcomings in all of the available options. Something that could do it all simply did not exist.

We set out to do something much bigger and much better.

The idea that eventually became the GrowCentral IoT Automation Platform was born all the way back in 2014. The idea was to create some sort of advanced master controller that could do everything in a garden, and more, and that was expandable to manage not just 1, 2, or a ‘few’ rooms. We wanted to create something that was expandable to run ANY number of rooms and even ANY number of different locations. Basically, like a computer brain that is ever-expandable, to add new software logic features, new and different controllers, and constantly growing new features – even things that have yet to be conceived.

We spent about four years building various product iterations. They mostly revolved around a touch screen hub that connected wireless controllers via ZigBee, Bluetooth, or WiFi. These weren’t just concepts – these were actual products that we designed, built, and tested - actual products that could have gone to market. Some of them were really good, but they just didn’t feel 100% right. Ultimately, they were not good enough to satisfy our vision of an ever-expandable platform that could meet the needs of any size operation.

So, we pulled the plug on a lot of things; things that cost a lot of money to develop, in order to continue to pursue our vision and find the right combination. Our vision actually took four years to completely evolve, take form, and crystallize into what it is now. That long time period of product experimentation was really like a super-intense learning ground. If what we built didn’t feel right, we threw it away, took what we learned, and moved on. We formed no emotional attachment to all the thousands of hours we spent, and all of the money that we burned. We simply had an obsession with pursuing our vision and arriving at what we felt was the best platform. What we finally arrived at was worth all of the work, as it is the best and proper solution.

A cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

In 2018, with all of the knowledge we had acquired in the previous four years, we began building the GrowCentral system - an IoT platform that is infinitely expandable to accommodate any number of locations, rooms, controllers, and software logic, to accomplish any different types of tasks imaginable. This system took three-and-a-half years to develop, on top of four years of experimentation with different product concepts, for a total of nearly eight years to get where we are now in 2021.

We are the engineers that created Powerbox in 2006 and we’ve also been growers since the late 80’s when we started building electrical panels after discovering you couldn’t plug grow lights into normal household outlets, without blowing breakers left and right. We’ve seen it all and experienced the entire evolution of this industry before our very eyes. Decades of experience and a commitment to the highest quality are what make GrowCentral a solution you can rely on.

GrowCentral is more than just controllers. It is an IoT platform specially designed for commercial grow facilities, that allows you to access vital garden functions, no matter where you are. It automates repetitive tasks that consume excessive time, and that ultimately cost you thousands of man hours in lost productivity on an annual basis.

GrowCentral lets you to easily organize all of your locations, rooms, and controllers in a hierarchical manner that allows you quick and clear access to any specific location, room, or controller – all from one app.

Made in America.

Our controllers aren’t imported from some distant overseas sweatshop factory, made by little ladies in white coats, who have no clue what they are really building, or for whom they are building it. GrowCentral controllers are crafted in small, precise batches, right here in the USA, from the highest quality materials, for the elite growers who demand the difference quality makes. And on top of the outstanding quality and performance, our controllers look stunning in any setup. We are proud to produce our products in America and we always put product before profit.

The future of enhanced cultivation technology.

As we grow, and introduce new products and services like live video, security, and other advanced features, we believe that GrowCentral will become the preeminent platform by which all grow facilities, small and large, will be managed - all from the palm of your hand. GrowCentral is a platform; a foundation upon which we are building skyscrapers. It is a living and breathing organism that never stops growing. Right now, it is in its infancy. But as it grows and matures, unthinkable features will be added, making it absolutely invaluable to growers and grow facilities.

Join us.

We are excited to welcome you to join us on this incredible journey into the future of cannabis cultivation technology.

If you'd like to browse some of our automation solutions now, CLICK HERE. Thanks for stopping by.







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