• CS2-TH
  • CS3-THC
  • CS1-C
  • CS1-H
  • CS1-T
  • CC-HUM
  • CC-240V
  • CC-120V
  • HID4-120V
  • HID4-240V
  • HID6-120V
  • HID6-240V
  • HID6-277V
  • HID8-120V
  • HID8-240V
  • HID12-120V
  • HID12-240V
  • HID12-277V
  • IRG4
  • PMP4-120V-D
  • PMP4-120V-Q
  • PMP4-240V-D
  • PMP6-120V
  • PMP6-240V
  • PMP8-120V-D
  • PMP8-240V-D


Irrigation Automation Controllers

GrowCentral Irrigation Automation Controllers are used to precisely control your and monitor your irrigation cycles. They are used as the end-point in your fertigation system, to control solenoids and pumps, that irrigate your crops. Built for mission-critical applications, every controller is made with the highest quality components, to ensure reliability and longevity. There are no better devices for controlling the watering cycles of your high-value crops.

Scale up to any size to control and monitor unlimited Facitilies and Rooms, all from one dashboard in the GrowCentral App. It's fast, easy, and affordable. Controllers are plug-n-play and can be installed in just a few minutes. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to take control and automate your entire operation's irrigation. Stop wasting all of your time dialing-in settings in-person at the facility. Now, you can do it all from home - or anywhere you happen to be.

Irrigation Automation Controllers come in two varieties:

1. Automation Controllers that provide 24-Volt AC output, used to control solenoids.

2. Automation Controllers that provide 120-Vot AC and/or 240-Volt AC output, used to run pumps.

Benefits of GrowCentral Irrigation Automation Controllers

  1. Precise Control of Irrigation Schedules. One-second timing resolution lets you perfect your watering routines with precisely timed schedules. Easily set programs for specific zones and store unique irrigation schedule files for instant uploading to any controller, with the touch of a button.
  2. Fast Installation. Plug-n-play installation means you are up-and-running fast - usually in just a few minutes.
  3. Flexible Zoning Options. Program unique irrigation schedules for any zone.
  4. Fully Scalable. Expand to add as many controllers as you need, for as many Facilities and Rooms as you have. Control them all from one dashboard.
  5. Solid Consturction. Built for years of reliable service from the best components available.
  6. Multiple Redundancies. Controllers continue to function and execute programs, even if Internet connection is temporarily lost, so you never need to worry about missed irrigation cycles.
  7. Remote access via the GrowCentral App. With GrowCentral, you are never more than a click away from your irrigation, no matter where you are. Easily change watering programs for any, or all, of your rooms, with just one click. You can manage all of the watering and irrigation for your entire operation, no matter how big or small, from one dashboard. You get total control of everything, even when you are away from the site.

Why delay this important decision?  CLICK HERE to browse controllers. Find one you like, and try it out. You'll be glad you did, and we're confident you'll be back for more!







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