• CS2-TH
  • CS3-THC
  • CS1-C
  • CS1-H
  • CS1-T
  • CC-HUM
  • CC-240V
  • CC-120V
  • HID4-120V
  • HID4-240V
  • HID6-120V
  • HID6-240V
  • HID6-277V
  • HID8-120V
  • HID8-240V
  • HID12-120V
  • HID12-240V
  • HID12-277V
  • IRG4
  • PMP4-120V-D
  • PMP4-120V-Q
  • PMP4-240V-D
  • PMP6-120V
  • PMP6-240V
  • PMP8-120V-D
  • PMP8-240V-D


GrowCentral Climate Automation System

GrowCentral’s Climate Automation System is the most powerful climate control system available anywhere. Precisely monitor and regulate the temperature and humidity in all of your facilities and rooms, from one dashboard. Compatible with almost all brands and types of HVAC and Humidity control devices, it is fast and easy to install, and gives you powerful features at your fingertips. Set custom climate temperature curves, vapor pressure deficit (VPD) values, or just standard day/night temps and humidity. We let you customize your climate to your precise needs.

The system consists of two main components:

1. CS-Series Climate Sensors

The Climate Sensor component is a data logger that continuously monitors room temperature (model: CS-T), or room humidity (model: CS-H), or both temperature and humidity (model: CS-2). All data is continuously logged, with 1-second sampling resolution, and stored in your GrowCentral cloud account, for access to reports and historical graphs that you can review at any time.

The Climate Sensor can be placed anywhere within your garden. For larger rooms, multiple Climate Sensors can be placed throughout the garden to gather data at different locations, to provide average climate values for the entire room. By logging multiple sample points throughout the room, more accurate and stable overall climate levels can be achieved.

Climate Sensors can be wall mounted, or stalked from the floor or ceiling.

2. CC-Series Climate Controllers

The Climate Controller is a device that directly connects to the appliances in your garden that provide cooling, heating, humidification, and dehumidification. It utilizes data from the Climate Sensor to regulate the on/off cycles of the appliances, to maintain the climate setpoints that you set from your GrowCentral account.

Climate Controllers come in several different varieties, to accommodate different types and brands of climate appliances, and are very easy to install. One Climate Sensor (or sensor group) in a given room can be used to provide data for an unlimited number of Climate Controllers, within a given room.

The diagram below illustrates how the system is configured.

Multiple redundancies and safeguards.

We have carefully designed our climate system to keep climate regulation functioning precisely, even if Internet connectivity is temporarily lost. If your Internet connection goes down, the Climate Sensor and Climate Controller continue to communicate directly with each other through your router, so climate parameters are always maintained according to your settings. Keep in mind, however, that an Internet connection is required for remote access to the system through the app.

Benefits of a GrowCentral Climate Control System

  1. Dial in Precise Temperature and Humidity Settings. Complete programming flexibility for Day/Night temperature and RH, set climate by VPD value, set custom climate curves.
  2. Two-piece system: Locate Climate Sensor anywhere in environment - no wires to run to equipment. CS samples and logs temperature and humidity data with 1-second sampling rate. Climate Controllers connect directly to your AC, Dehumidifier, fans, etc. Climate Controllers are available as a replacement for traditional 4 or 5-wire HVAC thermostats, Humidistats, and for plug-in type units that use 120 or 240-Volt NEMA outlets.
  3. Data logging of all climate parameters for generating reports and graphs.
  4. Ability to use multiple Sensors throughout a room to get more accurate average climate values.
  5. You don't need to be there to adjust settings. Manage all of your facilities and rooms from one dashboard, all from your phone, or other connected device, no matter where you are.
  6. Crop protection with detailed alerts for any climate variations. Monitor all of your rooms and be alerted if any room's values drift out of desired parameters.
  7. Store unlimited Climate Control Files with unique parameters, for quick and easy upload to controllers at any time. Upload new schedules to one, or multiple controllers, with the click of a button.
  8. System continues to function flawlessly, even if Internet connection is temporarily lost.
  9. Fast and easy to install. You can automate your climate control for any room, typically in just minutes.

So, why delay this important decision?  CLICK HERE to browse controllers. Find something you like, and try it out. You'll be glad you did, and we're confident you'll be back for more!







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